Meet the Team

Sophie Tweed-Simmons, LA-Vancouver-Toronto-New York, Editor-in-Chief

Sophie-Tweed Simmons

Sophie Tweed-Simmons is a Fashion Designer, Model, Philanthropist, and Reality TV star featured in her family’s hit show, Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels. She has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. She founded #NoFilter in 2014 and it has grown into an inspirational platform. Visit her at #NoFilterSophie

August Ethan, Brooklyn, Senior Men’s Fashion Editor / Contributor

August Ethan

This New Yorker is the essence of chic Men’s Fashion. Currently writing and directing his own independents and working as a campaign manager for Rag and Bone and The Kooples, this blogger is overly qualified to be our Men’s Fashion Editor, and we are lucky to have him. #NoFilterAugust

Shannon Tweed-Simmons, Los Angeles, Senior Wellness Editor / Contributor

Shannon Lee Tweed-Simmons

From her early start in beauty pageants, this stunner has modeled all over the world. The Canadian born actress has been in more than 60 films, as well as numerous television shows. She is also the best-selling author of Kiss and Tell; an autobiography. Shannon is a mother of two, and wife to Gene Simmons. Now adding to her impressive resumé, she is our Senior Wellness Editor. #NoFilterShannon

Nicole Busch, Los Angeles, Entertainment Editor

Nicole Busch

Nicole is a Southern California based photographer focused on documenting music and a love for style and travel. We love her vintage style and her behind-the-scenes photography. #NoFilterNicole

Dan Scott, Australia, Sports Contributor / Contributing Photographer

Dan Scott

24 years young, and hoping time would just hurry up and slow down, he just doesn’t want to grow up! He incorporates a positive, bright and colorful vibe to all the images he shares. We hope they will inspire those who view them. Please enjoy and feel what he felt when capturing these moments. #NoFilterDan

Leyla Javadova, Puerto Rico, Mind & Body Wellness Contributor

Leyla Javadova

This cutie pie and Instagram champ is a natural at documenting chic moments. She first caught our eye with “Mind/Body” a photo series of a snack along with her current read. We are beyond thrilled she has decided to continue it here. #NoFilterLeyla

Emily Flores, Southern California, Fashion Contributor / #NoFilter Intern

Emily Flores

A SoCal girl with experience in the fields of public relations and marketing, and a passion for music, fashion, and photography. #NoFilterEmmy

Federica Dall’Orso, New York, Senior Contributing Photographer

Federica Dall'Orso

This Italy to New York transplant is no stranger to street style photography. Photographing the likes of Class Is Internal and The Blonde Salad outside Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. We first met Federica in Central Park and we were blown away by her natural talent. Welcome our Senior Contributing Photographer. She does what she wants! #NoFilterFederica

Erin Paige Kerr, Canada, Food Contributor

Erin Paige Kerr

A Canadian first-time blogger, aspiring chef and Pemberton resident. Covered in unique tattoos, this stunning wild child is the perfect addition to our Food and Lifestyle section. #NoFilterErin

Rita Anastasiou, Las Vegas, Food & Wellness Contributor, Gluten-Free

Rita Anastasiou

A Greek foodie, food writer, baker and mother. She studied Hospitality, Culinary Arts and HACCP in Greece and was a cook in hotels like Athenaeum Intercontinental, as well as, breweries and contemporary cuisine restaurants in the center of Athens, Greece. As a gluten intolerant, she’s learned not to be afraid of food experiments and to be open to all kinds of flavor combinations. #NoFilterRita

Erin Dugan, Northern PA, Beauty Contributor

Erin Dugan

We fell in love with this beauty expert when we found out she is actually a sports reporter for FOX! The #NoFilterTeam are huge sports fans! All her photos are taken on her “Busted-ass iPhone 5” which makes us love her even more. In her blog she has a unique and humorous approach to beauty. Leave it to out new Beauty Contributor to tell you which products are worth the money and which, bluntly, suck. #NoFilterErinD

Madeline Rae, Australia, Beauty Contributor

Madeline Rae

This Aussie really caught our eye with her bright colorful locks! Yes, she has those statuesque legs and high cheekbones, but what makes this model unique is her ever-changing hair and tattoo count. She is truly breaking beauty standards one hue at a time. She has an “I don’t care, I do what makes me happy” attitude. All the photos on her blog are Photoshop free and #NoFilter. Obviously we love her. #NoFilterMadeline

Celine Fahn, Taiwan, Travel Contributor

Celine Fahn

This Asian American is currently living in Taiwan! She has traveled extensively in southeast Asia from island getaways in the Philippines and Thailand to shopping sprees in Hong Kong, Macau, or Japan. Next year she is relocating to Cape Town, SA, then onto Europe! Need we say more? Travel Blogger extraordinaire. #NoFilterCeline

Sadie Ozkul, United Kingdom, Personal Style Contributor

Sadie Ozkul

A photographer and fashion enthusiast. Sadie is currently living in Bristol, UK and spending most of her time editing photos and consuming the latest trends! We must say she has a unique personal style! #NoFilterSadie

Marina Djukanovic, Bosnia, Fashion / Design Contributor

Marina Djukanovic

Born and raised in Bosnia with a degree in Architecture, this aspiring interior designer truly has a passion for creating. With her heart in drama, as well as fashion, the Design Glue and Glitter blogger is the perfect addition to our family. #NoFilterMarina

Crystal Spinelli, Brazil, Beauty Contributor

Crystal Spinelli

This 21-year-old Brazilian stunner was hand picked by our Editor-in-Chief because of her awesome “granny hair.” She has a unique eye for beauty and makeup trends. We are ecstatic to have this exotic babe in the #NoFilter community. #NoFilterCrystal

Marilyn Manfrom, Michigan, Contributing Photographer

Marylin Manfrom

This visual artist has an eye for nature hideaways. She truly sees the beauty in daily life. If you’re looking for unique images and inspiration, she’s your girl. We are excited to have her as part of our contributing photographers. #NoFilterMarilyn

Missi Perez, Indiana, DIY Contributor

Missi Perez

This DIY-er believes in sharing her life so she can save you time, money and a few headaches! Always learning from her screw-ups, this cool mom is a kick-butt DIY Blogger. #NoFilterMissi

Ellese Chloe, Australia, Fashion & Travel Contributor

Ellese Chloe

This 24-year-old Sydney blogger and recent marketing grad made an impression on our Instagram feed with her bright and happy photos. She posts her daily adventures including her love of fashion, interiors, health, travel and daydreams. #NoFilterEllese

Brittany Ferdinands, Australia, Fashion Contributor

Brittany Ferdinands

Brittany is a 22-year-old Aussie. She is studying Media & Marketing at Sydney University and a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy at The Health Sciences Academy. We love her following her adventures and #OOTD!

Kate Wilson, Canada, Wellness & Lifestyle Contributor

Kate Wilson

Kate is a 20-year-old doughnut junkie and media production student from Toronto. We love Canadians and doughnuts – need we say more?

Lucky Oetama, Indonesia, Lifestyle Contributor

Lucky Oetama

Currently studying at Binus University majoring in International Marketing, this adventurer loves to go around to cafes and restaurants, hang out with friends, do food styling, OOTD and lifestyle photos. Lucky is also a part-time model and – looking at those cheekbones – we understand why! Leave it to Lucky to point out the beauty in life. #NoFilterLucky

Matt Crump, Texas, Contributing Photographer

Matt Crump

Inventor of #CandyMinimal, or “candy-colored minimalism” gained Matt over 200,000 followers! His signature use of candy-colored negative space, surreal compositions, offbeat and Americana subjects, and an endless-summer vibe have inspired his international audience to create and tag over 80,000 of their own candy-colored photos. Welcome contributing photographer Matt Crump! #NoFilterMatt

Danielle Campoamor, Washington, Mind & Body Contributor

Danielle Campoamor

We found Danielle through her blog! She is the author of ‘A Twenty Something Nothing.’ We love her authentic voice and unique choice on content. #NoFilterDanielle