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Even though I love my pricey Nars foundation or Laura Mercier powder just as much as the next makeup junkie, sometimes you need a break from the expensive stuff.
I mean, as much as I really really want that $32 lipstick, I also need to keep the electricity on in my house. Sooo…luckily there are many drugstore alternatives to some of the higher-end products that I love, but sometimes need a break from. Here’s some of my favorite products, and their comparable less-expensive counterparts that get the job done for a fraction of the cost.


“….AND IIIIIII–YEEE-IIII..WILL AL-WAYS LAHHHVE YOUUUU” That was my in my Whitney voice. I truly will always love you, Nars, and re-order you. You’re great. But at almost thirty dollars a pop, I can’t buy you ALL the time. I’m sorry. It’s not you! It’s me.
Drugstore Alternative: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Concealer – $6.99-8.99 (Depending on the store)
I’ve loved this guy for a few years. I get the lightest color, and it really does have a great formula. You crank the product up, and it fills a soft cushion-y applicator, then you apply and dab all over your undereye area. Very hydrating. Good bang for your buck.
I love a nice travel-ready twist up lip tint/semi-gloss that’s super easy to put on, velvety smooth, and has a nice color to it. The LipSurgence, like everything from Tarte basically, rocks. It’s so popular, it’s sold out on Sephora’s website. Buuut, you’re in luck my little turtle duck…
Mmm hmmm. $2.99 baby. I always keep one of these in an easy-to-reach pouch in my purse for when I want some moisture and color, but want to do it in like, four seconds. My favorite color is “Nudist Colony”. Ew. But it’s great. Hell, for three bucks, buy every color. Buy the whole Wet n Wild display at your local CVS, I don’t care.
This was actually the first time I purchased something from QVC. I was flipping through and watching Laura herself bronzing people up. It’s an incredible product, for face and body. I straight up gave myself a tan from head to toe once with it. I understand why it’s more on the expensive side (it’s big, lasts a while, the product goes a long way), but it hurts me a little inside paying almost 50 bucks for a bronzer.
Even though this isn’t technically “drugstore” because it’s only sold at Ulta, I’m putting it in here because it’s six freakinggg dollars and amazing. It doesn’t have quite the same color payoff as the Laura Geller, but the price is right and it gives a really nice bronzey glow.


Soooo creamy and luxurious. If you’ve never tried one, definitely treat yoself. I recommend the Mango, Mega Coconut, and Satsuma scents.
I had been really tentative to try these “in-shower” lotions. You apply them as soon as you shut the water off, before you begin drying at all. I dunno, the concept seemed weird to me, but I’m a belieber now. It really is a time-saver, and it absorbs quickly. Just make sure you pat yourself dry, and dont rub with your towel. 


My, my, my Mrs. Doubtfire. This lipstick is audacious, creamy and dreamy and lasts and goes on smooth and the packaging is dope, etc. Bahhh the price though.

You can’t beat the price for what you get with Milani lipsticks. You know how some drugstore lipsticks have a funny smell or are drying? These are silky smooth with great pigment, and are five bucks! Tons of colors, too.
Just a few other drugstore finds I’m loving right now:
-L’Oreal Carbon Black Mascara
-L’Oreal Infallible Foundation
-Dove Dry Spray Deodorant in Cucumber

 What’s your favorite high end/drugstore brands? Leave me a comment on my social media channels. Cheers!
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