Blink The Night Away

For someone who doesn’t wear false lashes very often, I’m pretty obsessed with these. I discovered Everblinks on Instagram (as people do these days) and I liked them immediately because they looked so natural.
I scrolled trough their website and found 10 different styles and every single one looked better then previous. Still, I decided to try Natural Flirt. You know, play it safe.
They were pretty easy to apply, and oh my God they gave me such a delicate boost to my natural (non existent) lashes.
Everblinks was founded in 2012, in Netherlands and ever since, they are on a mission to create the highest quality of long luscious … lashes.” Their goals are  “for them to be durable, feel soft and look real.’  
Let me tell you, they are very soft and look very real.
If you want to try these beauties go “here” (link is: and if you want 10% off of the price use code design_glue_glitter10
Link for online shop is:
*** NoFilter suggests that vegans and vegetarians not use these products. Please find a vegan alternative. ***
Marina Djukanovic

Marina Djukanovic

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