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Jesse Konrad crafts intimate and heartfelt folk songs that speak to the heart. “Sophrosyne,” meaning “prudent and reasonable,” seems an appropriate title for his brand new EP released this January. In “Sophrosyne,” Konrad speaks from the soul with lyrics that are personal yet vaguely familiar. The songs all stand on their own, yet collectively retain a cohesive feel that delicately toes the line between traditional folk praxis and ethereal dreaminess. “Meet Me in Montauk” is a song with a clearly audible ode to the distinct atmospheric style of Kurt Vile, while the title track is reminiscent of heroic alternative folk bands like the Shins and Band of Horses. With only 6 songs, this record leaves you wanting more, but the length feels true to Konrad’s ethos as he is here to say what he needs to say and not linger on. This is not your dad’s or your grandad’s folk music–it is fresh and a genuinely substantial first step for Konrad in his musical journey.


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