Fall Attire

Shirt is vintage Turtle neck top from Topshop Trousers from Urban Outfitters Belt is vintage Shoes by Reebok

For this look I wanted to create a look that shared some warmth (literally and figuratively). The pink trousers and vintage shirt make things look more radiant, which is what we need in this chilly and somewhat dull weather. For extra warmth and sophistication, we decided to add the black turtle neck. Considering that I literally wear a different turtle neck top every day, I think adding a t-shirt over the top is a really cute way of making an outfit look a little more stylish. Lastly, we went with this vintage belt because the hint of blue detail made the outfit more colourful, and I think it adds a perfect finish to the look.



Sadie Ozkul

Sadie Ozkul

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