Gilmore Girls: A Mother-Daughter Bond

Google: Entertainment Weekly

I grew up watching Gilmore Girls with my mom. Before Tivo, Netflix and DVR, every week we tuned in to see how this mother-daughter duo would handle the next set back in the small town of Stars Hollow. I didn’t realize then that Gilmore Girls shaped how I think about mother-daughter relationships; their witty banter, no filter, everything on the table bond. Since then I measured every mom-daughter relationship on the scale of how open they are with each other. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least open and 10 being most) my mom and I are a 10, just like Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. Even now, after college and moving out, my mom is my best friend. She knows all my faults, mistakes,  achievements and embarrassments. She always listens with an open mind and offers up advice based on her own colorful youth, which arguably she is still living. My mom, much like Lorelai is young, beautiful, adventurous and smart. Probably one of the reasons Rory feels so comfortable opening up to her mother is their age proximity.

In the new Netflix followup, Rory and Lorelei continue their shenanigans. Rory commuting from London to Stars Hollow and Lorelei continuing her run as owner of the Dragonfly Inn. Without giving too much away, I was happy to see that the bond has not been compromised. Rory and Lorelei are still the unstoppable, awkward likable duo they always were. What really grabbed me is where they are in their lives and how similar it is to mine at the moment. Rory is struggling with who she is as an adult, and what her passions are. Lorelei is struggling as always with her life partner Luke and her crazy family. But throughout the series, the consistency is their friendship. When everyone is against them they stand together and because of that, and the help of a good cup of coffee, they are unstoppable. Both women are growing up together and learning as they go from each others mistakes. I guess I’m writing this to thank Rory and Lorelei. I know they aren’t real people, but the relationship they build has shaped my relationship with my mom, and probably done the same for many of you. Even though this followup season is so short it was a nice reminder that, life will continue to change but I always have my mom to lean on.