My 5 Favourite MAC Lipsticks

We all have our go-to lipsticks, and mine all just happen to be by MAC!
#1: Diva
My first, and perhaps ultimate favourite lip shade is Diva; this one is a deep red wine colour and looks absolutely stunning on very pale and dark complexions. I love to wear this on almost all occasions and if you’re a sucker for red lipsticks, you definitely need to add this to your collection.
#2: Stone
This is possibly one of the strangest shades I own, and I really can’t emphasise how unusual this colour looks on my lips! In some lights it has an extreme grey tone, although if I were to show it to you in a different light, it would almost look brown too. In the photos above it’s almost the exact same colour as Diva, but to state the obvious, it’s a very rocky grey. I love wearing this on nights out, and it looks absolutely killer with a dark outfit.
#3: Heroine
You’ll certainly turn heads wearing this lipstick. This is the bright, luminous purple lipstick shown in the photo(s) above. I feel super weird and eccentric wearing this out, but nonetheless I absolutely adore this shade. I didn’t really plan on buying a bright purple lipstick, and believe it or not I’m actually really obsessed with nude tones, but this was a colour I just couldn’t resist!
#4: Steady Going
This shade screams Barbie to me, and if you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the baby pink lipstick. If you’re ever in need of a super girly fix, then Steady Going is the shade for you! It’s just super adorable, and really suits dark winged eyeliner. Speaking of Barbie, this lipstick also reminds me of the Moschino Ready-to-Wear 2015 collection, which is also why I love it.
#5: Flat Out Fabulous
Lastly, but certainly not least is the dark pink (almost purple) lipstick. This colour is again, very daring, but can also effortlessly vamp up a simple makeup look. For some reason, colourful shades like these give me so much confidence and when I’m wearing the right lipstick, I feel invincible!
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