Quick Poll: Festival Voting

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Probably not surprising, but within the festival goers there was not a lot of love for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump! It is clear that the disenfranchised youth of today are tired of the status quo and more than ready for positive change within the system. I asked festival-goers who they are voting for and why?

No Filter: “Who are you voting for this election? And Why?”
Amanda: Hilary
“ I picked Hilary because it is a better option, I’m never going to pick trump.”
Arnold: Neither
“ The system is corrupted and I rather not vote for a liar and a racist.”
Elizabeth: Bernie
“ I’m still hoping Bernie has a chance in this election, if not then I really don’t know if I’m going to vote for Hilary or not vote at all.”
David: Hasn’t decided
“ Honestly, I don’t really know. I can see where Trump is going with his points, but he has a big mouth. I don’t think we need a leader calling everyone names.”
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