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Ahhh spring is in the air. Weddings, showers, events…and of course we want to look our best in a brand-spanking new outfit for each one because we are ridiculous. But getting a new dress for all the events you’ll be attending is just not practical or… ::adjusts glasses::….fiscally responsible.
Have you guys heard of Rent the Runway? I’m sure a lot you have. Even though I’m a HUGE advocate of trying on a dress beforehand because my body proportions can have me in anything from a size 8 to 12 depending on the brand and cut, RTR definitely worked out for me, and it’s worked out for a bunch of people I know.
The way it works is that you search through their stock of dresses from over 350 designers (awesome names like Diane Von Furstenburg, Derek Lam, Monique Lhuillier), pick your sizesecure it for the dates you need (they offer a 4-day and 8-day rental), and simply return the dress for freeby dropping it off at a UPS store or dropbox.
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Rentals run anywhere from $30 to $200 depending on the designer and how fancy-pants the dress is.
The best part? You get a FREE back-up dress in a second size to take some pressure off of the idea that you must fit in the dress you’re sent.
My advice when searching for a dress is to look through the pictures and reviews offered for each dress. You can search through and find women similar to you in size and height,and read how the dress fit them, what shoes they wore, if it was comfortable, if it runs big or small, etc.
I used RTR for hosting a show at a gala last year, and it worked out wonderfully. The event was on a Saturday, so I went with the 4-day rental. It was sent to me Friday, and I was able to try on both sizes and figure out my accessories and shoes with plenty of time.
I ordered this black sequin number:
Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.55.18 PM
 ..and here’s how it looked on:
It was comfortable, sparkly, and beautiful. Both sizes were in perfect condition and true to size (every dress is dry-cleaned by the company upon return). The rental was only $80, and the original retail price of the Badgley Mischka dress is $800. Pretty darn good deal if you ask me.
Not only does RTR have an extensive formal wear selection, but accessories, purses, tops…it’s just a really great opportunity to wear some incredible high-end brands that you would never actually purchase for yourself.
Other events Rent the Runway is great for:
-Prom! Hello!! My mother is probably going back in time and slapping me in the head for not using something like this back in my school dance days. She’s a saint for buying me all those expensive dresses that I wore once.
-Bridal/Baby Shower. They have such cute white lacy/frilly dresses perfect for your shower.
-Engagement Photos. Why spend a bunch of money on an absolutely gorgeous expensive outfit you’ll wear for a few hours?
-Bridal. A little risky but if you’re pretty sure of your size and measurements, you could save yourself literally thousandsof dollars and spend that money on your honeymoon or give it to me.
Have you guys ever tried Rent the Runway? Let me know on my Instagram or Twitter… Cheers !Xx
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