Tips to Recover Damaged Makeup

One of girl’s biggest pains, is when your favorite makeup is damaged or broken, right? I feel like I’ve lost part of my body when it happens. So, today, I’m gonna show you some tips to bring your makeup “back to life”.

Broken lipstick:

1. When your lipstick is broken right on the bottom, I have two options for you to keep it: – Warm the broken area with a lighter till it melts, then press the piece of lipstick on it and put it in the fridge to dry.

2. Remove all the product from the plastic refill with a mini spatula or nail stick, crash the produt on an area that can be warmed. With the lighter, warm till it melts and put the content on a new spot, like an EOS refill or balm pack; then let it dry and you can use it with a lip brush if necessary.



Broken powder:

Spray your favorite perfum on it! The alcohool helps to “glue” the product! With a spatula or nail stick, crush the few pieces of broken powder with the perfum and a dough will form. Fill the product spot with it and let it dry!



For more tips, watch this!

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